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Welcome to Takon Takeaways!

Thank you for joining us at Takon Takeaways. Takeaways is our spin on the classic blog -- but we want it to serve more as an inspirational memory bank of some of our favorite places to go, things to do, and experiences we've been dreaming about.

When we started Takon, we didn't want to make a neck pillow. We wanted to make a product that compliments an outstanding lifestyle full of adventure, leisure, culinary delight and bucket list destinations. The Pelakin HS pillow is our symbolic addition to the dream of living a life untethered and rich with experience.

Check back every week for our unique take on:

  • Where we've been lately and why you would (or wouldn't) want to go
  • The finest cocktails we find along the way
  • Local secrets on the best dishes to try at top destinations
  • Reviews of accommodations around the world, and much more...

We want Takon Takeaways to be that beacon of inspiration you have between your travels -- a little bit of staycation in your everyday life.

So here's to both of us spending more time living our dreams than we do dreaming of life.


Brett Buxton
CEO, Takon