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I have never been able to sleep on a plane. I've had every pillow and product there is but nothing worked. Takon has changed that for me. I slept for an hour the first time I used it. It was awesome. Thank you!!!

Stefani G, Phoenix AZ

The window seat used to be non-negotiable for me but the VACAY Pillow has made it tolerable to sit in the middle or aisle. It's so comfortable and supportive. It's also compact and I don't feel like a nerd using it. 100% recommend.

Matt J, Dallas TX

It's so comfy! It's soft without being flimsy. Supportive without being stiff. The fabric is nice and cozy. It's the best sleep I've had sitting up. That's saying a lot! Thank you Takon - you nailed it with the VACAY Pillow!

Melissa R, Boise ID