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Don't worry, VACAY Happy

☑️ Finally! Comfort and support in one pillow
☑️ Long flights fly by as you sleep
☑️ Your head doesn’t bob as you snooze
☑️ Chiropractor-approved to protect posture
☑️ You wave bon voyage to soreness
☑️ You feel better when you land
☑️ Vacation days aren’t wasted on jetlag
☑️ You can skip expensive seat upgrades
☑️ Even middle seat anxiety is history
☑️ Hold your head up, keep your back straight, sleep like a baby, LOVE your VACAY!
Chiropractor Approved
"This pillow does a nice job of keeping your back and your neck aligned, and it's also just a great way to sleep on a plane."

- Doctor Tadd, D.C., Scottsdale, AZ

Spine alignment is the name of the game when it comes to chiropractic care.

And the VACAY Pillow is the only travel pillow available that is proven to keep your spine in better alignment while asleep sitting up. 

Doctors like it, you'll love it.

Soft AND Supportive??

THE PERFECT BLEND OF SUPPORT AND COMFORT Our secret? We paired poly foam with memory foam. The poly foam is a little stiffer and helps hold your head at the right angle. But the memory foam is soft and squishy and covers the poly foam so all you feel is goodness. It's like a little luxury mattress for your head. 

CUSTOMIZED TO FIT YOU Forget about one-size-fits-all solutions. The VACAY Pillow is designed to adapt to your unique shape and preferences. Whether you're petite or tall, it molds to your contours for a custom-made feel that other travel pillows can't match.

STAY FRESH, STAY COZY We know that hygiene matters, especially when you're on the move. That's why our VACAY Pillow comes with a removable, machine washable cover. Keep it clean and cozy with ease, so you always step off the plane or out of the car feeling refreshed.

AN ELEVATED TRAVEL EXPERIENCE Upgrade your journey with the VACAY Pillow. Join the ranks of savvy travelers who've discovered the VACAY difference – it's the key to luxurious, pain-free adventures! No more compromising on comfort; it's time to VACAY in style.

TAKE THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS TOTAL COMFORT If you're ready to experience the joy of pain-free travel, it's time to add the VACAY Pillow to your cart. Don't settle for less; invest in your comfort and well-being. There's nothing else like the VACAY Pillow -- on the ground or in the sky. It's the best sleep you can get sitting up. 

Love it or your money back with our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Product 

Dimensions: 8"H x 7"W x 4"D

Money Back Guarantee

90 Day Money Back Guarantee...

"Does this thing really work?" 

You're probably wondering if we're full of it and if this is just another basic neck pillow that overpromises and underdelivers. 

It really does work. But we know there's always a chance you won't like it. 

Hey, no harm done. If you get it and it doesn't do everything we say it will, then send it back. You have 90 days to give it a shot. 

For more details, please click here.
“I have used dozens of pillows and they all feel like my neck is kinked the wrong way. The Takon pillow is so different...overall 10/10 recommend it's soooo worth it”

-Brianna P, AZ, USA

“I used this pillow on my recent summer road trip and it was super helpful and comfortable. I usually get a kink in my neck when trying to sleep in the car or plane, but this pillow is extremely supportive. The quality is definitely worth the price!”

-Ryguy1825, Australia

“This is by far the best travel pillow I've ever used! I travel all over the world and this is the best. It's so comfortable and easy to use and I love to use it for my lumbar support when I'm not sleeping, definitely recommend!”


Most Common Questions

What makes this pillow better than anything else?

The game changer with this pillow is having a dual-foam core. 

In our research, we found that 99% of travel pillows are made with memory foam. Memory foam is a great material, but it doesn't have any structure...it simply flattens out under too much pressure. 

So we thought about how mattresses are made. They might have a soft foam topper, but that's backed up underneath by either firmer foam or springs for support. 

By mixing soft memory foam with slightly firmer poly foam, we were able to recreate the luxury mattress experience in a travel pillow. 

It might seem a little stiffer than your old pillow, but trust us --  that's a good thing!!

Does this pillow fit everyone?

The pillow is designed to fit adults between 5'2" tall and 6'5" tall. It fits a broad range of users because each person has the ability to position it wherever it is most comfortable. 

It isn't recommended for children under 12 and may not fit most children.

Is the VACAY Pillow easy to clean?

Yes! That was one of the must-haves when we designed the VACAY Pillow.

Airplanes are gross, travel can be dirty. You need to be able to easily keep your stuff clean.

The VACAY Pillow has a zippered, removable cover and included cover bag that can both be machine washed. They are serge-stitched for added durability which means you don't have to worry about washing too much -- they can take the abuse.

Can I use this with headphones?

The VACAY Pillow is most compatible with AirPods or earbud-style headphones. 

Due to the pillow's excellent ability to support the head, it does tend to cover one of your ears and therefore may not work great with over-the-ear headphones like Beats.

*Pro Note: Most of our customers have had great luck using AirPods Pro with our pillow due to their compact design. 

Is it hard to use? It looks different than everything else.

The VACAY Pillow is very easy to use -- just find your sweet spot.

Just like any pillow or mattress, each person will use it differently. You'll get the most out of your pillow if you sit straight up in a kitchen chair and practice a couple times. 

It will feel stiffer than other pillows at first, but that's the part that makes all the difference when you use it. You don't want a pillow that's too soft or your head will tip over and you won't sleep.

Every pillow comes with a QR code that takes you to our How-to Use Video, and you can also see it here.

You have 90 days from date of purchase to return the VACAY Pillow if you don't love it. We know it's different, we know it's new, and we think you'll love it if you give it a try. So take your time, take it on a flight or two, and return it if it isn't for you. For full return details, see "Warranty & Returns" at the bottom of this page.
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