What is the Pelakin Pillow and why does it work so well?

Because flying isn’t fun. Because airplane seats get smaller every day. Because you work and play hard and deserve some rest. Because flying first class isn’t always realistic.

We spent over two years developing the perfect neck pillow for travel. The result is part pillow and pure ergonomics. The Pelakin Pillow by Takon combines SleepSoft dual density foam with high performance CoolFly fabric to give you the most supportive yet comfortable and temperature neutral pillow in the world. You'll love the support AND comfort -- with tech fabric that stays cool when you're warm and keeps you cozy when you're chilly. Did we mention the Pelakin Pillow also happens to offer perfect lumbar support when you're awake? Just place it behind your back and feel the comfort immediately. Try using it between your legs when sleeping on your side to promote a straighter spine and less back pain. While you’re at it, you can use it as a pillow to lay on the floor while you wait for your plane to board.

This is the first pillow ever to support your neck so comfortably. No more crazy head bobs or painful neck kinks from leaning over too far while trying to catch those ever-elusive airplane z's. The Pelakin Pillow by Takon allows you to be surface-independent for the first time by letting you rest your head without having to lean on unclean surfaces like windows or headrests...where dozens and dozens of people before you have laid on previous flights.

The result? Unmatched comfort, independence from your surroundings...oh yeah, and sleep. Zzzz...