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Why did we make the VACAY Pillow?

Because flying isn’t fun. Because airplane seats get smaller every day while the price keeps going up. Because even the most basic pleasures of flying now come with an upcharge fee. Because you work and play hard and deserve some rest. Because flying first class isn’t always realistic, and sometimes isn't much better than coach.
Your comfort takes time. We spent over 2 years developing the perfect travel pillow so you can enjoy traveling again.
Give yourself a permanent first class upgrade with the VACAY Pillow.

This is the first pillow design that focuses on supporting the head rather than the neck. This really is a head pillow rather than a neck pillow. So what's the difference?

Though neck pain is the result of uncomfortable travel, our research revealed what's now obvious - you have to focus on supporting the head if you want to spare the neck. By controlling the head and its angle relative to the neck, you almost completely reduce neck pain due to travel.

The result? No more crazy head bobs or painful neck kinks from leaning over too far while trying to catch those ever-elusive airplane z's. The VACAY Pillow by Takon allows you to be surface-independent for the first time by letting you rest your head without having to lean on dirty surfaces like windows or airplane headrests...where thousands of people before you have laid on previous flights.

The result? Unmatched comfort, independence from your surroundings...oh yeah, and pure sleep. Zzzz...