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Stay Here - Eat Here - See This: Sedona, Arizona

Some of the most breathtaking views in the world can be found in Sedona, Arizona. This little community is just north of Phoenix, AZ, and if you’ve ever seen a car commercial or other advertisement showing stunning red rock cliffs and gorgeous sunsets, there’s a chance you’ve seen Sedona and didn’t even know it.

If you’ve already been to Sedona or know someone who has, then you know how wonderful it is to actually visit. Sedona is a small town compared to Phoenix, but you can still run into the problem of not knowing the best ways to spend your time and money.

I’ve been to Sedona many times and have experienced it a little differently each time. From these experiences, I’ve distilled the trip down to a few must-see and must-do activities that will make your trip an adventure of a lifetime. 

Stay Here:

First at the top of the list for any great getaway is where you sleep. As I’ve grown up, I appreciate a comfortable bed and beautiful accommodations as much as anything else on vacation. 

When looking for a place to stay in Sedona, you will find dozens of hotels and vacation rentals available. They range in price from $150/night all the way into the thousands. 

The best stay I’ve had in Sedona is at the Matterhorn Inn right on Main Street. Situated above all the shopping and restaurants, the Matterhorn is in the perfect location to walk and experience Sedona in town. You can park your car and not move it again for the whole trip if you don’t want to. The area is very walkable. 

But the true magic of the Matterhorn Inn is in its STUNNING views of the red rock formations that you come to Sedona to see. Each room in the hotel has its own private patio and looks out directly at a full panoramic view of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. 

The hotel is simple and clean but also newly remodeled and quite nice for the price. During some of the peak months (April to June), you can expect to spend about $250/night for a large room with a king sized bed. 

There isn’t a restaurant onsite, but the hotel is above, next to, and across the street from great dining and drinking options. 

Eat (Drink) Here:

Though the Matterhorn Inn doesn’t have a restaurant or bar onsite, there are great options within a block or two. 

My favorite secret spot in Sedona is located just across the road and down a hidden street from the Matterhorn.

Located in the upscale Amara Resort, there’s a little Southwestern restaurant and bar called Saltrock. Most people visiting Sedona don’t even know the place exists. Many also don’t know that you don’t have to stay at Amara to enjoy its incredible offerings.

The fare at Saltrock is satisfying, and they make some excellent craft cocktails. But the true insider experience here lies in their gorgeous patio. Located past Amara’s lobby and out back beyond the restaurant is a one of a kind courtyard. Here you’ll find yellow Adirondack chairs, fire pits, and a gorgeous view of the red rocks beyond.
When you walk onto the patio, you sort of feel like you should be staying at Amara but the best part is you absolutely don’t have to. Amara and Saltrock welcome all paying customers, regardless of where you stay in Sedona. 

So walk up to the bar, order a drink, and take it out back onto the grass. Grab an Adirondack chair and post up to one of the more beautiful evenings you’re likely to experience anywhere. 

If you want to keep exploring, walk out past their pool and down to the banks of Oak Creek. You can walk along the creek and even south to the ultra bougie L’auberge Resort’s creekside lounge area. 

You can experience some of the best amenities of a couple of Sedona’s finest resorts without shelling out the hundreds or thousands a night they charge. 

See This:

One of the things that can be funny about Sedona is, despite its breathtaking views, it can be hard to decide exactly what to do during the day. Lounging at the pool or on the Amara patio is great, but if you’re up for some adventure then you absolutely must rent an off-road Rzr. 

Sedona has miles and miles of excellent off-road adventures within minutes of town. The best part is you can rent an off-road machine for a few hundred bucks. There are many places in town to find a rental and all of them are good. 
If you don’t know what a Rzr is, it’s a powerful dune-buggy-esque machine that seats either 2 or 4 people. For about $400, you can rent one for an entire day. 

I’m not huge into off-roading or 4-wheeling, but the Rzr experience in Sedona is totally worth it. After renting and getting a quick crash course, you’re free to explore all of the hills and trails in Sedona. 

*Insider tip: Pack a cooler (usually provided with the Rzr) with beverages and food before leaving town. You can explore the whole day and don't have to make stops for food and drink*

The best thing to do is to get a map and head to Devil’s Bridge. This natural rock formation is a must-see when visiting Sedona. The only bad part about it is that it’s pretty busy and it’s a really long, boring walk to get to — unless you have a Rzr. 

With your Rzr, you can drive directly to the base of the Devil’s Bridge hike. This cuts off about two miles of walking to and from the trailhead. You’ll pass dozens of envious walkers on the way and you’ll get to experience the best part of the adventure — the bridge — in record time. 

When you get to the base of the hike, park your Rzr, grab a couple bottles of water and start up the trail to Devil’s Bridge. You will not regret seeing this incredible natural landform. 

When you’re done, hike back down, drive out and head to any of the other gorgeous trails around town. 

All together, Sedona is a surreal place that should be at the top of any traveler’s list. You definitely will not regret checking it out. 

If you want more insider info or suggestions of what to do in Sedona, just shoot us a message on Instagram. 

Happy Exploring!!