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Takon announces Kids Takon Kamp Foundation and Donates $5 for Every Pelakin HS Pillow Sold

Takon announced Thursday that it's long-awaited Kids Takon Kamp Foundation has finally been brought to life.

The Kids Takon Kamp Foundation is the passion project of Takon founders Brett Buxton and Tanja Vrankovic. The foundation's number one goal is to give great kids the chance to attend once-in-a-lifetime camps. When asked what that means, exactly, founder Brett Buxton had this to say:

"I grew up lower middle class in a tiny town in South Dakota. My parents were supportive of a lot of my activities, but they weren't really interested in them. If it weren't for my friends and their families, I probably wouldn't have experienced a tenth as much as I did. From golfing to skiing to fishing, I was able to develop some of my most favorite pastimes with these friends and these have become lifelong cherished memories that really made me who I am today.

We want Kids Takon Kamp to be that for deserving kids. We don't just look at underprivileged kids or at-risk youth; rather, we want to give every kid a chance to go to an amazing camp and hopefully develop a lifelong passion like I did.

If I would have had to apply to an underprivileged or at-risk foundation to get to experience some of these great experiences, I wouldn't have qualified. I wasn't poor, I wasn't in a terrible neighborhood, I was just sort of one of those kids on the fringe that normally slips through the cracks and maybe doesn't get some of the chances that I think all kids deserve. This might be controversial, but the great thing about starting your own foundation is you get to do it the way you want to. I hope there's a little Brett Buxton somewhere out there in South Dakota right now who sees what we're doing and says 'man I always dreamed about going to surf camp in California but there's no way my parents would ever go for that...maybe this is my shot'.

In the coming weeks, we'll open up an application page where kids can submit their own applications or their parents or teachers or whoever can do it on their behalf. We're going to send as many of these awesome kids to the best camps we can!"

Takon has pledged to donate $5 from every travel pillow it sells to its foundation. Brett and Tanja also hope that people will donate above and beyond that to help bring the dream of the foundation to life.

Right now, Brett hopes they can send at least 3 kids to camp this year. He's also hoping they can do way more than that:

"If we can send a hundred kids, we'll send a hundred. This is something that I really dream can get to a massive scale. Kids have so much hope and so many dreams and I hate to see money or resources as the only limiting factor."

You can contact Brett directly by email at brett@takonlife or by phone at 605-359-9295 if you're interested in donating.