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With The Pelakin Pillow, You can:


The outdated U-shaped neck pillows aren't designed to hold your head up. That's why you don't see frequent-flyers carrying them...they simply don't work. With the Pelakin Pillow, your head rests comfortably at the optimum angle for sleep while sitting up, preventing muscle strain.

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"The best travel pillows support the neck and head in a natural position, preventing the head from falling forward or to the side. They should be adjustable, ergonomic...the gentle support of a good travel pillow can make all the difference in preventing neck pain and headaches."  -Dr. Lawrence Woods, Chiropractor

2. Stay Asleep Longer by Keeping Your Head Still

Ever tried sleeping on an airplane but couldn't keep your head still? You're not alone! When you're awake, your brain tells your muscles to hold your head in place. But when you fall asleep, your brain forgets what it's doing and that's why your head flops forward and jolts you awake again.

Not with the Pelakin Pillow. By providing enough support to comfortably hold your head up, head bobs are a thing of the past.

It's like a soft little kickstand for your head.


"Using a travel pillow can help reduce neck pain and stiffness that often result from sleeping in an uncomfortable position during travel. A good travel pillow provides support for the head and helps to maintain proper neck alignment, reducing the strain on the neck muscles." -Sleep Experts at Homely Concepts

3. Have Comfort AND Support...No More Compromising

You've probably had the old u-shaped neck pillows before. They might seem cuddly, but when it comes to keeping your neck in check, their fundamental design can't give your head the support it needs. That's what makes your neck hurt and stops you from sleeping. And that's why we created the Pelakin Pillow.

This is the only travel pillow available with a dual-foam core. Think of it as the luxury mattress of travel pillows – plush in all the right places, yet comfortably sturdy beneath. The inside cradles your cheek with soft memory foam, while the outer layer of poly foam provides gentle support and does all the work holding your head up.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This neck pillow is great, it's very soft and definitely supports your neck in a great way...It's great for travel and gets very compact to put in a backpack too." -Cory, Verified Amazon Review

4. Sleep Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Just wrap, strap and nap!

The Pelakin Pillow is covered in cotton/spandex fabric that's soft like your favorite t-shirt and stretchy like your favorite underwear. It's lightweight, doesn't get warm, and won't lose its shape or shrink.

And speaking of temperature, it provides just enough coverage to keep your neck cozy without getting hot. Cotton is naturally breathable and won't accumulate heat the way synthetic fabrics like fleece do. And you can even use the fabric wrap as a facemask when your neighbor won't stop coughing.

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"Sleeping on cotton offers numerous benefits that can make a real difference in your overall sleep quality. From the natural breathability and softness of the fabric to the hypoallergenic and eco-friendly properties, cotton is a smart and comfortable choice for anyone looking to improve their sleep experience." -The Sleep Advisors

5. Easily Keep Your Pillow Clean and Never Worry About Losing It

The Pelakin Pillow features an easily removable cover and handy carrying bag that are a breeze to wash. Plus, the bag effortlessly clips to your backpack or slides over your luggage handle, saving space and keeping your pillow fresh and where it belongs...with you!

A few Degrees matter!

Keeping your head at the optimum angle prevents pain and instantly improves posture...so you sleep better and longer

Buy One Get One Free Until Christmas!! BOGO!

This sounds good...so what's bad about it?

We spent countless hours of R&D to make what we think is the most comfortable and supportive pillow in the world. We tried to account for as many body types as possible without sacrificing anything. Nonetheless, there's no perfect product and there's always a chance this won't work for you.

This may not be for you if:

🆇 You don't like having a soft wrap around your neck

🆇 You're looking for a pillow that is only soft and doesn't offer any support

🆇 You're not a fan of getting used to something new and different. It's best to practice with your new pillow a couple times at home to figure out the best way to use it before traveling. It's simple, but works best when you find your sweet spot before you're on the plane

If none of these sound like a dealbreaker and you're ready for real sleep next time you fly, then welcome aboard!


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I have used dozens of pillows and they all feel like my neck is kinked the wrong way. The Takon pillow is so different ...overall 10/10 recommend it's sooooo worth it

Brianna P, AZ, USA -- Verified Customer

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Have tried every pillow on the market...this guy outperforms nearly all of them...super soft and foam actually provides more structure.

Lyra S, UK/USA -- Verified Customer

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Clever, well made and simple to use. It works and is super high quality...the best I have seen.

LKF, USA -- Verified Customer